RVC about the success evaluation criterion of Russian venture market

RVC about the success evaluation criterion of Russian venture marketThe indicator of the successful development of Russian venture capital investments market can be considered achieving its volume to about 0.2% of Russian GDP, which is more characteristic of the USA economy with the most developed venture capital market, told the reporters last week Roman Kosyachkov, the Russian venture company JSC Head of Public Relations service and Press.

He noted that the U.S. GDP comprises $ 14 T, while the Russian is about seven times smaller. The total U.S. venture market size fluctuates - said Kosyachkov - but in general it ranges from 20 to $ 30 B a year. If approximately calculate the percentage of Venture in the U.S. GDP, and compare with the respective Russian indices, we can make the corresponding conclusions.

Russia's GDP in 2011, according to preliminary estimates, amounted to 54.37 T RUR.

According to our estimates, if $ 1.5-2 B of venture deals a year in Russia takes place, it means that on the level of venture capital industry we have approached the United States as much as it is possible. This will not happen soon, - RIA news quoted Kosyachkov.