Formation of venture infrastructure discussion at Academpark

Formation of venture infrastructure discussion at AcademparkUnder the Investment Forum Startup Bazaar a panel discussion, Seed hi-tech investments in Russia: Status and Prospects, will take place on April 13 in Academpark, reports the Academpark website.

At the moment a significant number of venture funds is created in Russia with the support of the state. Unfortunately, for the most part, they do not actually function as the object of activity itself - venture projects do not exist.

Developments ready for venture investing will not appear before any start-ups. To generate them the effective functioning of the infrastructure is necessary - technoparks, business incubators, seed funds, etc. The examples of such institutions successfully working in Russia only confirm this statement, - say the organizers of the meeting.

The representatives of the private investors and venture capital funds, Academpark, heads of leading innovative companies, representatives of regional governments and municipalities will participate in the discussion. They will discuss the mechanisms for the creating local investment infrastructure, consider forming regional private seed funds and business incubators ready to actively invest in high-tech startups.

Moreover, forming proposals for regional authorities to support local institutions and venture business angelism is planned. They are to be formed by a local business community.