Academpark to help startups to attract seed investment from RVC

Academpark to help startups to attract seed investment from RVCFoundation of Research and Technology Park of Novosibirsk Akademgorodok acquired the status of Russian Venture Company Seed Investment Fund partner. According to Academpark representatives, such cooperation opens up new possibilities for innovative business financing at early stages of development.

The establishment of partnership between RVC and Academpark is a strategically important step that opens up new possibilities in the professional support of startups. We have all the tools for the quality assessment of projects, and our recommendations will be important for the investment committee while deciding on the allocation of funds for a company - the executive director of the industrial park Alex Logvinsky says.

As a venture partner of the RVC, Academpark will act as an intermediary between investors and startups, for which it is usually quite difficult to attract investments without extensive business skills and connections with potential investors.

The tasks of the Academpark will include the search for innovative projects, teams of innovators and scientists, the attraction of private investments, and submission of drafts to the investment committee. To date, the registry of venture partners includes more than 100 Russian companies.

Russian Venture Company is ready to finance high-tech businesses with high growth potential. The maximum amount of funds invested in a project is 25 M RUR. Seed investment is mainly for business launching and creating a prototype. The RVC Seed Fund takes a significant share of co-financing of innovative projects - up to 75% of the required investment. It significantly reduces the risk of private investors.

Academpark for its part is ready to provide comprehensive assistance to companies in the processing of applications, preparation of business plans and projects for the review of the investment committee, to support companies on the stage of post-financing.

We continue to provide Academpark’s opportunities for financing innovative businesses. RVC is an additional tool. Now we have a task - how to attract the private investment funds and business angels – says Alexander Nikolaenko, an expert on the interaction with the institutes of Technopark’s Fund in Akademgorodok.