Academpark Startups enlisted the support of investors

Academpark Startups enlisted the support of investorsThe three winners of the first investment forum Startup Bazaar determined on April 13 in Academpark. The best projects are recognized in the field of ecology and instrumentation, according to the Academpark press release. Also the finalists of the regional stage of Business of Innovative Technologies competition were determined and discussed the project of investment institution under Novosibirsk Akademgorodok Technopark.

About 30 investors and experts, industrialists and businessmen, representatives of seed and venture capital funds, private investors and business angels attended the forum. Sigma.innovations CEO Levan Tatunashvili, Russian venture company partner programs director Igor Pichugin, MC Monomakh managing director Yuri Bovkun, Factor GC owner Igor Kuznetsov and others came to the Startup Bazaar. 20 projects were presented to their attention in the areas of: IT, instrumentation, bio-and nanotechnology, and ready for investment.

I noted for myself five teams with technology projects at the forum. Now we shall get acquainted closer to find out what ways we can be helpful to each other. If the interests coincide, then we in turn can offer up to 5 M investment, consulting, maybe grants - Denis Smirnov, Atom Partners investment manager, shares the intentions of working with teams.

In the semifinals Startup Bazaar included such projects as: ITM technology for oxygen obtaining; system for computer sign language translation for the deaf; a composite material of high friction for working on the ice surface; multi-phase fraction scanner for oil and gas industry; the online service to arrange promotional campaigns in trade marketing and others. Within five minutes the team leaders during the presentation were to present the essence of their development and make successful entrepreneurs interested in it. Startups were evaluated on three criteria: the degree of maturity, leadership skills and market potential.

As a result of the expert meeting, the first place received the project Biodegradable plastics from renewable natural raw materials; the second was shared by such high-tech developments as: Fiber-optic temperature measurement system and Sewage water purification system.

The Forum is a unique site. Where else can investors of this level and projects meet? I have now got a lot of contacts, even more work. But Startup Bazaar is only a starting point. Negotiations and meetings are yet to come - Khlestkin Vadim, the winner of the forum, Our Lab director, shares his impressions.

The forum winners and two more projects were invited to the federal stage of the Business of Innovative Technologies competition. Four start-ups won the travel grants for conferences from the Forum partner companies. The main outcome for Startup Bazaar participants are private meetings and negotiations with potential investors. A number of projects secured intentions for further work and continue talks on cooperation.

Also on this day a panel discussion was held: Seed hi-tech investments in Russia: State and Prospects, where among other venture capital news were discussed. Academpark management initiated the establishment of private seed fund, ready to finance start-ups in the Novosibirsk Technopark and its concept was presented. During the discussion, participants elaborated on the question why the venture capital system is not functioning, discussed the reasons due to which business angels community doesn’t work, government institutions, and shared personal experiences of seed funds formation.