RVC and LearnIP portal‘s Month of Intellectual Property

RVC and LearnIP portal‘s Month of Intellectual PropertyThe information and educational portal LearnIP supported by the RVC will carry out the Month of intellectual property in Russia in April and May 2012, during which LearnIP visitors will get acquainted with exclusive interviews with Russian experts on intellectual property (IP) and foreign materials on this topic first translated into Russian, the RVC press service says.

Within a month, from April 12, LearnIP will publish a series of interviews and articles by leading experts of Russian institutes, technological, legal and financial companies sharing their opinion about the current intellectual property market condition in Russia, its problems and prospects. In addition, the portal will provide commentary and expertise of foreign experts on the most pressing issues in this area.

Month of intellectual property in Russia will open with the publication of an interview with the head of the patent work FGBU Federal Agency for the Legal Protection of intellectual activity of the military, special and dual use (FAPRID) N.V. Polyakova - Do not be afraid of patenting. The total planned to be published is about 150 interesting and useful in practice materials.

Alexey Odinokov, the LearnIP project manager, said: It is not an accident we decided to launch the Month of intellectual property in April. On April 12, Russia celebrates Cosmonautics Day. In the 20th century, space travel has made our country famous throughout the world - any language, now has the word sputnik. April 26 is the International Day of Intellectual Property under the auspices of the World Intellectual Property Organization. I am sure that it is intellectual property that will make Russia not only famous but also economically prosperous country in the 21st century.

According to Roman Kosyachkov, the RVC public relations service manager, the main idea of a joint initiative is to tell anyone interested in the topic professionally and affordably, what the intellectual property really is, what its importance to innovation and technological development is.

RVC has planned several activities in support of the Month of intellectual property in Russia. In particular, LearnIP visitors during the event will have a unique opportunity to get answers to questions related to the intellectual property from the RVC experts in a permanent portal section Questions and Answers.