Krasnoyarsk Region recognized as promising for venture investors

Krasnoyarsk Region recognized as promising for venture investorsThe round table discussion of the innovation community representatives covering the topic The Direct and Venture Financing has taken place today, on May 30, at the Krasnoyarsk regional innovation and technology business incubator. Specially invited experts participated in the discussion: Albina Nikkonen, Executive Director of Russian Venture Capital Association (RVCA) and Igor Gladkikh, Executive Director of St.Petersburg Regional Foundation for Scientific and Technological Development.

As stated in the KRITBI press service report, business incubator residents presented their projects during the round table, and Russia’s major experts in venture financing told the participants about the main trends of the direct and venture capital market, as well as about the mechanisms to attract investment in innovative projects.

The invited experts praised the Krasnoyarsk projects. We were impressed by the developers’ level of qualification and professionalism. This suggests that the Krasnoyarsk Region is very promising in terms of attracting venture capital investments, - considers Albina Nikkonen, the Executive Director of Russian Venture Capital Association.

Summarizing the meeting results Andrei Gnezdilov, the Region’s Deputy Governor, stressed the high importance of attending Krasnoyarsk Region by such high-level experts. The Russian Venture Capital Association is the country's first professional organization uniting the leading players on the Russian direct and venture capital market. The Association is widely recognized both in Russia and abroad. To date, the Region’s innovative projects are ready to reach private venture capitalists; in connection with it, the cooperation of the regional innovators with such an organization has strategic importance, - said Andrei Gnezdilov, the Regional Deputy Governor.

We remind that one of the RVCA’s activities is training the specialists in the field of venture business, development and implementation of short-term intensive educational training programs to attract direct and venture investments in technological projects of small innovative companies. Also, the Association carries out consulting on the implementation of venture business courses to the curriculum of Russian universities, including training in international centers venture capital.