HSE NRU to hold a contest for the best presentation in Elevator Pitch format

HSE NRU to hold a contest for the best presentation in Elevator Pitch formatElevator Pitch Competition is a competition for the best limited time presentation of the project: just one minute will be given to present a startup. The competition will take place in June, 20 (Wednesday) at 16.30 in the HSE NRU building, Pokrovsky Boulevard, 11.

Imagine that you are in the same elevator with an investor and you have quite a bit of time to try to interest him in your business idea - the organizers say. - Can you keep within the allotted minute and submit your project in the most advantageous light? Test your strength!

The competition consists of two stages:

- 16:30 is the time for gathering participants and teaching them the techniques of presentation led by a team of experienced trainers and entrepreneurs.
- the competition will take place at 19:00 – the presentation of projects to the jury, which will select and award the best.

Elevator Pitch presentation format is widely used for training startups, preparing for a meeting with investors, who wish to hone the skills of clear, concise and most informative presentation of the project. One-minute presentation is an excellent training not only for would-be entrepreneurs, but also for those who want to improve their speaking skills.

Participation is free (you can attend the event having no project - just as a spectator), you need .