Alloka project attracted investment from The Untitled venture capital fund

Alloka project attracted investment from The Untitled venture capital fundAlloka project is a service to attract customers with payment for the number of calls that has attracted investment from The Untitled venture fund. The amount of financing was not disclosed, the money will be spent on testing tools to reduce the cost of leads and improving the software wrapper of the platform for calls accounting and providing marketing analytics.

Alloka develops in two main directions - live calls (calls from potential customers that are available for purchase by any client) and the development of a cloud platform for accounting the conversion of the advertising traffic to calls.

The amount of the transaction was not disclosed, but the amount of investment is sufficient to ensure a team of more than 10 people during the year.
We needed the investments to find a niche in the market - says the founder of Alloka Mikhail Denisov. - Web Ready competition has become, at least, a reason for us to start negotiations with the investor.

At a time when you want to invest in a self-sufficient team with a proven idea, it is very useful to look at startups that became the winners of the contest of ideas or projects - says Konstantin Sinyushin, senior partner of TheUntitled Foundation. - Any, even a brilliant team which failed to sell its project to experts will never be able to sell it to consumers. Therefore, winning the Web Ready project with a very authoritative jury is the most significant selection of projects in our country that has become a very serious reason for making an investment decision.