RUSNANO to set up a company to develop innovative technologies in Troitsk

RUSNANO to set up a company to develop innovative technologies in TroitskTechnology Engineering Company (TEC) will be set up in Troitsk near Moscow. The company will develop equipment and/or products based on its own technological base by third-party companies’ request. Investment agreement on the establishment of the TEC was signed recently by RUSNANO and its partners. The total project budget is 200 M RUR, including FIEP co-financing to the amount of 149.9 M RUR.

The investment agreement was signed by the general director of The Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs (FIEP) Andrew Svinarenko, General Director of RND-ISAN Alexander Lash, CEO of nonprofit partnership Joint center of technology transfer RAS-Rusnano Alex Gostomelsky and the CEO of EUV Labs Artem Krotov.

TEC will be specialized in optical technologies (nanodiagnostics, metrology and nanolithography, the creation of super-bright EUV sources (EUV - Extreme UltraViolet)).

The project of EUV Labs establishment was selected at the first open competition for TEC creation in Russian regions.

The main objective of TECs is the development of technological solutions for specific customers, as opposed to industrial projects, that aimed at production and sale of end production in the mass market. The result of TEC’s operation can be: necessary design documentation, industrial designs of technological equipment and systems, experimental and inspection lots, and much more.

TEC’s operating results, as a rule, cannot be duplicated and unique to each individual customer. It is assumed that TEC’s customers would be, in particular, manufacturing companies in nanotechnology (both funded by the JSC RUSNANO and independent producers of nanoproducts).