Xmas Ventures Foundation invests 1.5 M RUR in a resident of Ingria

Xmas Ventures Foundation invests 1.5 M RUR in a resident of IngriaXmas Ventures Venture Fund has invested 1.5 M RUR in a resident of Ingria business incubator - SeeMedia. The company develops and promotes free internet service SeeMedia.ru which facilitates the preparation and holding of seminars and online trainings. The service allows automating the organization and promotion of the seminars in order to save the time.

The parties do not report the exact size of the stake which was transferred to the new investor of SeeMedia. It is only known that it is a minority share in the project.

SeeMedia Company launched a beta version of the website on May 1, 2012 and attracted about 50K unique visitors for the three months. Currently, over 100 training companies and educational centers post the description of their educational programs at SeeMedia.ru and organize online seminars and training events. It is planned to attract over 1 million visitors until the end of the year.

This is the second investment of Xmas Ventures in Ingria projects - the director of Ingria Business Incubator Dmitry Stepkin says.
The funds will be primarily used to refine the platform for webinars – recording of webinars, integration with web sites and social networks, release of applications for Ipad, - says SeeMedia project manager Sergey Poduzov.
Xmas Ventures is a strategic partner of the company since its founding - Victor Yarutov, a shareholder of Xmas Ventures says. - The Fund helped both with the involvement of the first visionary clients and advice on building business models and other strategic issues.

During the current year SeeMedia plans to finalize the development of a platform for information materials sales (recorded webinars, audio and video files, presentations) and a platform for online coaching and paid on-line consultations. The implementation of these plans will allow the company to become a leading online platform for Infobusiness.

Xmas Ventures Fund was established in 2011 as a pre-seed investment fund to develop and market promising technologies and products, commercialization of effective innovative projects in science and technology. In addition to funding, Xmas Ventures offers an extensive network of contacts and business partners in Russia and abroad as well as other opportunities for invested start-ups.