Two innoprojects of Novosibirsk region to receive state support

Two innoprojects of Novosibirsk region to receive state supportThe Government of Novosibirsk Region reports the results of the last contest for the support of research and production centers. The result of the competitive selection was the decision to recognize two innovative projects as the winners; the cost is of 30 M RUR and 12 M RUR respectively. Companies will receive a subsidy of 50% of the amount claimed.

According to the Minister of Industry, Trade and Business Development Sergei Semka, the right to receive a subsidy from the regional budget of the Novosibirsk region is provided by the departmental target program State support of research and production centers in Novosibirsk region for 2011-2013 ss. 9 applications have been submitted in total: five - 30 M RUR, and four - 12 M RUR, regional Ministry of Industry told.

The first company - JSC Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant - plans to implement an innovative project Development of innovative technologies demanded by the domestic industry of materials based on compounds of lithium. The value of the project is 30 M RUR. As a result of project activities it is planned to create six new specimens of high-tech products and three technologies.

JSC Medical-biological Union – Technology company evaluates its project Development and introduction of biological agents for the immunodiagnostics of human diseases, at 12 M RUR. It is assumed to carry out a set of scientific and research work on the creation of biological components and to test them. These components will be used to create the modern types of test kits and diagnostic platforms that accelerate the development and launch of new diagnostic products. We plan to create nine new specimens of high-tech products and at least 20 new materials, the website of the government of Novosibirsk Region says.