Skolkovo to create its own Venture Council

Skolkovo to create its own Venture CouncilThe Skolkovo Fund plans to create its own venture council till the end of this year, which will become a tool to improve Skolkovo cooperation with venture investors as the innovation center develops.

Alexander Lupachev, the head of Innovation Investment Services of the Fund, gave the news.

The Skolkovo Fund has worked out a development strategy until 2020. It implies that the main financial support of our member companies will be carried out by large venture capital funds and key partners by 2020. The Skolkovo Fund will gradually reduce the scope of grant support, - Lupachev said.

He also noted that combining of Skolkovo strategy development and the operation of venture capital funds is very important and will be one of the main tasks of the new structure.

In fact, venture capital funds are our customers, our clients, we need to hear them, to take into account their views, otherwise they will not buy our product - Lupachev said.

10 or 12 managers of venture funds who most actively collaborate with Skolkovo can be elected as the members of the new council. Lupachev, in particular, called Runa Capital, Bioprocess Capital Ventures, Maxwell Biotech and Almaz Capital Partners funds.