19 high-tech projects reached semi-finals of Academpark’s Summer School

19 high-tech projects reached semi-finals of Academpark’s Summer School Academpark gave the summary of the first stage of the Summer School - 2012 Intensive on August, 8. Only 19 of 27 high-tech projects in bio-, nano-, information technologies and engineering reached the semi-finals. Selected teams jointly with mentors and experts have one month to prepare their startups for investment, the Summer School’s report says.

The members of the School worked on the scientific, technical and business component of their projects within two weeks from morning to late evening. More than 130 experts in six sections developed core competencies of young entrepreneurs that are needed to create and manage a high-tech company. Namely, there were questions about finding a suitable market, benefits and weaknesses of their ideas, educational program in economics, management, marketing and much more.

Summer School is a growth point for projects, the possibility of a successful start. This particular format has become one of the best ways to obtain the necessary high-tech business development expertise. Of course, this should not limit the work of Academpark and experts on such projects, - Marina Ananich said, the deputy minister of education, science and innovation policy of Novosibirsk region.

To reach the semifinal participants had to defend their projects before the advisory council, which included representatives of the Siberian Branch of RAS, investment funds, the leaders of largest technology companies of the region. Work went on in two groups. A total of 27 presentations were conducted, 19 of which reached the finals. All authors of developments from the following categories Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials/Biotechnology and Medicine and High projects and Custom Innovations reached the next stage, but the Commission was stricter in IT-category: only 4 projects of 12 were selected.

The following projects were highly appreciated by the experts: contactless boilers measuring; smart-spectrometer for determining the composition of materials, technologies for treating of damaged surfaces of the joints with 3D-hondrotransplantate; getting of a new hair growth stimulator for cosmetics industry, a service to automate the creation of mobile applications, and others.

Mikhail Lavrentyev, the founder of the SB of RAS has formed the basic principles for the development of Akademgorodok: a triangle in the corners of which are world-class science, education, development and implementation. The third component was fully realized with the help of the technology park.

The second stage called Homework starts for the semifinalists on August 13 when young people can practice their knowledge and make business proposals of their projects.

The final of Academpark’s Summer School will be held in Startup Bazaar format at Interra forum on September, 14-15. The participants will have the opportunity to present their projects to investors willing to invest in innovative business.