Summer School of Academpark starts accepting applications in June, 10

Summer School of Academpark starts accepting applications in June, 10Submitting applications for participation in the Summer School of Academpark 2012 lasts from June, 10 to June, 15. Summer School of Academpark is an inter-regional communication platform for development, training, experience and competence exchange, which is aimed at creating and testing environment and technology of business innovators training.

Summer School of Academpark is a comfortable place for young professionals who are ready to experiment, learn and creatively rethink their ideas, want to achieve new results - say the organizers of the program which invites young versatile talents: the senior students of universities, bachelors, masters, graduate students, young scientists and professionals, first-time entrepreneurs. Creators of interesting ideas and project teams leaders who are ready to implement a custom design, as well as narrow specialists of project groups can also take part in the Summer school.
Specializations of the Summer School of Academpark (SSA):

- Nanotechnologies and nanomaterials / Biotechnology and Medicine (Nano-Bio-Med).
- Web Services, cloud computing, mobile applications and IT.
- INPI: corporate programming. (IT: INPI).
- Free Software (IT: STR).
- High and custom innovation projects (Engineering).

Summer School of Academpark will be held at the Technopark of Novosibirsk Akademgorodok as well as at program partners’ sites.

What opportunities are given to participants of SSA?

- Processing of scientific and technical component or idea of the project by leading scientists of SB RAS and high-tech business practitioners;
- Expert evaluation of business projects, ideas and skills at 360 ? (three hundred and sixty degrees);
- A comprehensive revision of the program of your project or idea development;
- Work in mixed project teams with innovative business practitioners and consultants;
- Access to the business incubator of Academpark;
- Training with Academpark resident;
- Business competence, the competence of innovative manager and leader;
- Shirtsleeve meetings with the recognized innovative business experts, share experiences with other participants;
- Attract investment community, customers, innovation, and government agencies to support innovators.
- Methods, technologies of efficient self-presentations, business talks with potential partners and investors;
- New friends, business partners and good connections.