Novosibirsk Academpark announces Summer School Enrollment

Novosibirsk Academpark announces Summer School EnrollmentSummer School to support projects of future talented entrepreneurs opens in Novosibirsk Region. Entrepreneurs will work on their projects to prepare them for further development.

An event to help many talented young people to step into a big business will take place on July 23. Today innovations play a very important role in education, they allow you to train high-class specialists. This project will bring together many participants and, more specifically, there will be a hundred and fifty people to participate in this unique project. All these people are the developers of their own projects and, of course, there are many innovators among them and they want to succeed.

According to the project plan, three interesting directions have been chosen, the first one is biomedicine to change a lot, the second is nanotechnology, and the third - probably the most interesting direction - is information technology.

Only the most talented participants will be able to reach the second stage of selection. When their significant achievements agreed with section curators, participants will be able to present their projects to investors. One hundred contestants will reach the finalists, and this is a significant number of projects, which have potential to become successful in the future. The best teams of the School will get a chance to become residents of specialized business incubators.

Now, if you believe in yourself, you can apply to participate. An application can be submitted on Academpark’s website. Registration is open until July 10, which means that you have time to think over your own project. After participation, you might have a chance to undergo training at a successful innovative company.