MegaFon and Foursquare to promote each other

MegaFon and Foursquare to promote each otherCellular operator MegaFon has agreed with geolocation service Foursquare on mutual promotion in the Russian market: MegaFon will design its offices in Foursquare corporate style and Foursquare, in turn, will show them on its maps. The launch of the joint project to take place in Moscow stores, and if it becomes successful it will spread to stores across the country by 2013.

Worth noting that MTS and Beeline use Foursquare to promote their services since the last year. MegaFon has also seen the potential of Foursquare in Russia.

According to MegaFon, the agreement does not involve any cash payments between the partners. It is expected that the social network put 250 MegaFon offices in Moscow and the region on its map in the near future.

The interaction with customers on social networks is not an individual project for us, but a part of our multi-channel service strategy. - the head of the federal retail shops of MegaFon Michael Zolotovitskii says.