Foursquare attracts $35M

Foursquare attracts $35MThe Company “Foursquare”, which issues the mobile application for defining its location, attracted $35M in the regular round of financing, conducted by the DFJ Growth and the Capital Group. The application is supported by all popular operation systems - iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, WebOS and BlackBerry.

Thanks to application of the company Foursquare, clubs, cafes and fitness centers will get more complete picture about their clients’ habits. The service Foursquare offers information about visitors and methods of their attraction. Particularly, the application informs hosts by which days and what time visitors come to their place.

The service Foursquare has been launched in 2009 by Dennis Crowly and Navin Selvaduray. Nowadays at the site have been registered 725 thousand of users, who 22 million times stated their existence in 2 million of places. In April, 2013 the Foursquare has conducted the regular round of investments attraction, getting $41M.