Foursquare will gather business information after check in

Foursquare will gather business information after check inThe service Forsquare launches an option by which business information will be gathered – with help of questions after made by users check-ins. The company allows not only checking in particular places, but offers a short information of public places, for example, telephone and address. Besides, users can leave universally accessible prompting and advices about the location, which they have visited.
Within the limits of a new option, Foursquare will ask auser questions about visited by him places, for example whether it has an open terrace, gets credit cards and whether its delivery is fast. Questions will appear by one and not always immediately after check-in, in order not to tire users.
Data, gathered this way, will add organizations` portfolio inside the application Foursquare itself. Information, together with a mark on the map and contacts, will be displayed under users` prompting.
Update has been presented to Android users few days ago, and now is available for iOS.