The leaders of TwitPic photo hosting to sell their service

The leaders of TwitPic photo hosting to sell their serviceThe owners of a photohosting TwitPic consider selling of the service and hold talks with at least two potential buyers. It is reported by TechCrunch citing a source familiar with the matter.

According to the source, the founder of TwitPic website Noah Everett wants to devote himself to new projects after selling the photo hosting. The price of service is not known, but TwitPic was estimated at more than $10M in 2010. However, this figure may be much lower today, as Twitter is not going to use third-party photo sharing services anymore in favor of its own, and TwitPic is among these photo hostings.

Skylines company conducted a study, according to which the popularity of TwitPic falls: TwitPic’s share accounted for 45.7% of photos that were published in Twitter in May 2011, and its share fell to 30.3% in November 2011 due to several months of Twitter’s own photo sharing service work.

As noted by TechCrunch, one of TwitPic’s potential buyers can be Twitter, which can improve its own photo hosting with the help of this service. Other potential buyers are Say Media, CNN, UberMedia and Hootsuite.