RBK Money launched RBK Travel system to search for flights

RBK Money launched RBK Travel system to search for flights RBK Money payment system launches a new product in the market of tourism and air services - RBK Travel, which is a search engine for flights with a simple interface. The creators promise to give users the best option in terms of price and quality of the ticket just in a couple of clicks.

Thinking of the search engine, we have sought to create a system that does not require any special skills, understanding of the tourism market’s structure, any understanding of advanced settings and adjust them to get the desired option. Choose between different technologies we have abandoned the standard lists and relied on simple interface. - the head of RBK Travel project Artem Dushkin told about the search engine.

The main purpose of the system is to quickly find the best trip option no matter where you are. The uniqueness of the system allows defining travelers’ preferences, as well as his or her emotional state.

Reservations and other system services are not subject to any further commissions and taxes. The project was launched in conjunction with the major players of the tourist business, reputable online and offline agencies that provide highest quality services and comfort to their clients.