Choister search engine in beta testing

Choister search engine in beta testingThe new Russian Yandex has entered into the stage of beta testing. Domestic service Choister which received a grant money of $40K from Microsoft in July 2012, is different from traditional search engines because it provides the user with not just a list of links to resources to check, but the information in convenient for perception form (a table, map, graph, diagram).

According to Choister, it can save up to 90% of the time normally spent on search.

Choister is a resident of the Skolkovo fund; last year it won Skolkovo RoadShow in Silicon Valley. Choister works with the property for sale and rent in Moscow and Moscow region.

Choister is a universal search technology which became the basis for the search of property. The search engine collects information from all relevant resources of the Runet about real estate. There are more than 500K objects already available for search, the information is updated in real time. The search engine has a function of Real-Time Tracking. The subscription for updates allows you receive the information about all new offers.

A unique advantage of the search engine is the ability to enrich and link the data. In addition to basic parameters, Shoister calculates additional options (distance to the subway, park, school, etc.), removes duplicates, links the information on real property with the information about the infrastructure of the area, district ratings, the information on the condition of houses.

Our nearest plans are to expand the geography of the search to the whole Russia, CIS and foreign countries. There will also be tools to search by categories - country, foreign and commercial real estate. And, of course, we master the search in other market verticals - cars, consumer goods and services, banks, - the founder and managing director of Choyster Alex Nizovskih says about the plans for the development of the project.