Yandex opens up to foreign startups

Yandex opens up to foreign startupsRussian Internet company Yandex is ready to open its international search index to foreign startups to see what people can do with it, and the company, according to its CEO, plans to charge a small fee for the access to its index.

This was announced by the CEO of the company Arkady Volozh at a conference F.ounders in Dublin. According to him, Yandex initially created its own brand with the Russian content only, and now works in the direction of the foreign Internet. The access will be available through a set of system API-functions.

Yandex notes that many Western startups are interested in the analysis of information and analytical data, which could be provided by the search engines. Twitter previously attempted to realize something of the kind, but in the latter case, the data is limited by users' tweets. And in the case of search engines, it is a much wider range of data.

Yandex's initiative has already gained its first users - American startup Blekko which provides safe (no spam) web search. This is a technological company, which work is based on the web search, but it has its own search algorythms. They used Bing, but moved on to us, - Volozh said.