Yandex buys 25% of Seismotech company for $ 1 M

Yandex buys 25% of Seismotech company for $ 1 MRussian Internet company Yandex has acquired a stake of 25% in Seismotech company that performs the processing of seismic data using its own algorithmic developments.

The main method of oil and gas fields finding is seismic exploration. This method involves working with a body of information. With the help of Yandex distributed computing technologies Seismotech will be able to process the data immediately to the hundreds or thousands of servers. This will increase the amount of concurrent computation and essentially accelerate the solution of geological problems.

The Internet has become the main consumer of the computing power in recent years. No wonder that new efficient data processing technologies have been created in this area. At the same time, there are other areas of data processing. Geophysics is classic example. Concurrent computing, which we use in the search, will give a significant effect in the seismic industry - said Arkady Volozh, the CEO of Yandex.

Technologies and resources of Yandex will allow us to increase the volume of calculations and to reach a new level of performance. What was a matter of months can be done in a matter of hours now. This gives us the ability to create new services for geological exploration - says Dmitry Mosyak, General Director of Seismotech.

In addition to technologies, Yandex has provided Seismotech with high-performance servers in its data centers - a total of almost 4000 cores. Thus, Seismotech became one of the most powerful geophysical information processing centers in Russia. The amount of transaction is $1M.