American erotic magazine sued Yandex

American erotic magazine sued YandexThe American company Perfect 10 Inc., publishing Men online magazine Perfect 10 has sued the search system Yandex for copyright infringement on erotic photography, reports Kommersant.

As the edition clarifies, the lawsuit was filed in the end of March to the Dutch company Yandex NV, owning 100 percent of the Yandex charter capital. The lawsuit was filed in court in California. Perfect 10 Inc. has charged the Russia search system with repeated copyright infringement, namely, uploading the photographs of models in the public domain and placing them next to the ads. In addition, the search system Yandex, according to the plaintiff, distributes passwords to access paid content of The American company demanded $ 5 M compensation from Yandex NV.

Perfect 10 Inc. representatives also pointed out that more than 70 notices of copyright infringement were sent to Yandex, but none of them received a response. Yandex reported to Kommersant that they had responded to Perfect 10 Inc. notices and that the documents under the claim were received recently.

It is not the first time Perfect 10 Inc. sues the Internet company for copyright infringement. The company was at suit with Google, Microsoft, Amazon, RapidShare, MegaUpload, and Giganews. As the site CNet reports, yet the company managed to win only the case with the site MegaUpload.

The company Perfect 10 Inc., founded in 1997, published a quarterly erotic magazine Perfect 10 till 2000. Due to financial difficulties the company has transferred the printed magazine to the Internet. The monthly fee for access to the site content is $ 25.5.