Yandex.Disc imposes tariffs for cloud storage

Yandex.Disc imposes tariffs for cloud storage The Yandex Company announced on sales start of Disc capacity in its cloud service Yandex.Disc. Users will be able to widen their storage without any limits.

Additional capacity Yandex.Disc offers in three packs: 10 Gb, 100 Gb and 1 Tb by cost 30, 150 and 900 rubles per month correspondingly. There are discounts in case of buying disc capacity for the period of one year.

Yandex.Disc became the second paid service of Yandex, focused on end user. The first service was Yandex.Music relating to mobile devices.

Yandex notes that its cost on disc capacity is more advantageous than offered service for the analogues cost by Google Drive.

Google Storage costs $4,99 (which corresponds to 160 rubles, notes Yandex) for 100 Gb per month, and $49,99 (about 1600 rubles) for 1 Tb per month. Annual payment is not provided by Google Drive.

In case if rental period of additional capacity in not prolonged, then, according to Yandex, downloaded on Yandex.Disc files will not be lost. It will be stored and there will be user`s access to these files, but it will not be possible to download new data on the Disc without payment.

At the moment Yandex.Disc possesses about 12 million of users, each of them can widen its storage up to 20 Gb free. This capacity does not include applied files from Yandex.Post, which also are stored in Yandex.Disc capacity.