Yandex has begun to make a profit on its taxi service

Yandex has begun to make a profit on its taxi serviceSince the beginning of this month, Yandex Company has started to receive a percentage of the cost of travel from taxi companies that accept orders through Yandex.Taxi. According to company’s spokesman Ochir Mandzhikov, this commission will not increase fares for passengers.

According to unconfirmed reports, the value of the commission is 5% on the average, and it is coordinated with each taxi company. According to Mandzhikov’s forecasts, the users of the service will pay taxis about $60M for the next year, therefore, Yandex will receive $3M.

Yandex.Taxi service was launched in October, 2011. About 20K orders were made through the service in January, 2012 in August - about 60K orders. According to Mandzhikov, there are orders of more than $1.1M in August. Yandex cooperates with 15 taxi services with 6000 vehicles in total.

Yandex.Taxi finds the nearest car simultaneously on all partner taxis and it saves your time. The service figures out which driver is closer to the client and sends an order to him. After receiving the confirmation, users can track the taxi going to them. At the same time, the service works only with official taxi services - they have several advantages over private one: proven drivers, good vehicles, guarantee of safety.

As the general director of one of the service’s partner companies Formula Taxi Janusz Pinter says, they receive about 7% of all orders through Yandex.Taxi: the service is quite popular and continues to grow. And in Capital Coachman Company the orders through Yandex make a quarter of all orders, and some drivers receive orders through the online service only.