Get Taxi service comes to Russia

Get Taxi service comes to RussiaGet Taxi service will be officially presented at a press conference on the 1st of March, 2012. This service has changed the taxi market in London and Israel according to developers’ opinion. You need to push just one button of your smart phone to request a taxi. You can also track the movement of the taxi driver. The developers of the service speak about the maximum time of car waiting of 10 or 15 min for a big city like Moscow.

The system automatically determines the client’s location and chooses a car within 30 sec.
The following points will be discussed at the conference:

Invested money
Russian market analytics
Why there is no remarkable taxi service in Moscow like “yellow taxi” in NY or cabs in London.
How the service works in Israel and Britain
What the difference is between this service and similar ones
B2B opportunities

The founder of the service Shahar Weisser (Smirin) will also speak at the conference. He is known as the founder of a private investment fund and on-line shop (it works in 94 Russian and Ukrainian cities; expected money turnover in 2012 is $250 M; there are 260 employees in the company).

Read more at GetTaxi page at Facebook. All the participants will get a bonus - free trips to the sum of 3000 rub.