Yandex.Money: now in America

Yandex.Money: now in AmericaThere has appeared an opportunity in Yandex.Money to transfer funds from electronic wallet directly to bank accounts of legal and private persons in USA. This means that users of the service can, for example, book rooms in American hotels, pay for car rent, various courses or business services. Herewith it is possible to make transfer both from the account of Yandex.Money, and referred bank card. Anyway commission will comprise 3% +15 rubles.

Besides USA, from this moment all users of the service can send transfers in more 22 countries to accounts at dollars, Euro, and local currency. On the whole it is available more that 200 countries for making money transfers.

Yandex.Money actively work at international direction, because Russian users start to spend more and more money abroad. They pay for clothes, services, online-games, transfer money to relatives, etc.

According to Central Bank, in 2012 Russians have sent to far-abroad countries $28,5B. Most of them have made to Switzerland, China, USA, and also England and Germany.

Yandex.Money is the largest service of electronic payments in, which offers simple and secure methods of goods and services payment. By the middle of 2013 more than 14 million of accounts have been registered in this service. Each day Yandex.Money opens more than 9 thousand new accounts and transfers more than 120 thousand of operations. More than 20 thousand of stores receive payment from Yandex.Money.