The winners of Irkutsk Venture Fairs

The winners of Irkutsk Venture Fairs The XIII Russian Venture Fair and the III Baikal Venture Fair came to an end in Irkutsk. About 1.5K people took part in the event - representatives of Russian and foreign investment organizations, industry, academia, experts of private equity and venture capital investments, and students.

The category Best Presentation was won by Ltd. Global Innovation (Moscow).

The original business idea category was won by Ltd. SB Fest (Irkutsk).

The creative idea category was won by CJSC East-Top with its project Flying robot for the diagnosis of oil pipeline (the most effective diagnosis of pipelines).

The category Best Presentation was won by a joint project of ISTU and PEP Hephaestus with their development Silicate hardened foam (a technology to fill the voids in building structures).

The Best Irkutsk Company category was won by company Fromplast (Irkutsk).

The award for the Promising Business category went to the project of ISTU The development of criteria for assessing the quality of urban public transport network (able to assess the level of traffic by satellite navigation system GLONASS).

Best Marketing category was won by project ISTU project Interactive Travel Guide.

The RVCA Award went to New construction technologies with a project for the production of bitumen-polymer emulsion.

Best Startup Company category was won by CJSC Nanotechtcenter.

Successful implementation of the innovative project category was won by CJSC Thermostat.

Informational support of innovation and creating a positive image of the innovator and innovation company category was won by Science Angara magazine.

The Grand Prix was received by ISTU project Research and development of technologies for petroleum pitch as a new binder and impregnating composite (according to the experts, the implementation of this project will significantly reduce emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere by aluminum productions, and improve the quality of aluminum).