Moscow intends to expand its support for budding entrepreneurs

Moscow intends to expand its support for budding entrepreneursMentoring program for beginning businessmen can be started in Moscow on the initiative of the city government, the deputy head of the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of Moscow Dmitry Knyazev said during a conference Start your own business in Moscow.

As noted by Dmitry Knyazev, one of the most urgent problems of startups is the lack of knowledge and experience, which leads to lack of confidence in their own successful business. Active young people are not always able to properly assess their capabilities, opportunities of their future business, and there is an opinion in society that it is very difficult or almost impossible to set up your own profitable business. We need to break such stereotypes, because any active young man can set up and operate their own business, - Knyazev said.

In addition to property support, business startups have the opportunity to receive business training for free or for reduced price. The government has good measures to support entrepreneurs, and the way of obtaining money is transparent, - Dmitry Knyazev says. – There is a counseling center in each district of Moscow which offers support for entrepreneurs. You just need to come in and take advantage of it.