Chubais: large state companies should be forced to innovation

Chubais: large state companies should be forced to innovationMajor Russian state-owned companies should be forced to innovation, even through the dismissal of a number of their leaders, the head of Rusnano Anatoly Chubais said at Russia Calling forum.

Russian business as a whole is not turned to innovation. Large public companies have approved the programs of innovation development, but if you read these documents you will see that innovation for major public companies is not a priority, he said.

Chubais said that he supported the idea of compulsion large state companies to innovation. That’s the only way to make them follow the way we offer. We could dismiss few CEOs or presidents of state companies for the failure of the work. They will get our message - RIA Novosti quotes the words of the head of JSC Rusnano.

At the same time, according to Chubais, only dismissals will not solve the problem of innovation development in Russia.

In this sense, the main really missing thing is that innovative private business should be popular. This is a real competition, effective protection of private property, - he said.

Forcing state companies to innovation can be done through banning low-tech and often environmentally hazardous goods, the head of Rusnano says.

As an example, Chubais mentioned Euro environmental standards governing the content of harmful substances in vehicles exhaust gases and machinery. The standards were introduced by the UNEC to improve the environmental situation.

These limitations, introduced by the European Union, force oil companies to innovate - Chubais said.