Chubais informs of RUSNANO's withdrawal from several companies

Chubais informs of RUSNANO's withdrawal from several companiesRUSNANO Corporation, that aims at the development of nanotechnology in Russia by investing in nanotech companies, plans to withdrawal from two or three of its project companies in the coming months. At the same time it became known that Rusnano plans to enter the capital of innovative companies in the U.S.

Speaking about Rusnano’s withdrawal from their portfolio companies’ capital, Chubais recalled recent and successful withdrawal from the project company Center for Advanced Technologies, engaged in tunneling microscopy.

I think that we will have another two or three examples in the coming months. Yaminsky’s Company is small - about 50-60 M RUR. I hope that after this first withdrawal we will see other positive withdrawals and this is, of course, the most important task - said the head of RUSNANO.

Also within the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, an important statement was made by the president of Rusnano USA subsidiary Dmitry Akhanov. According to him, the company plans to invest in five or six American innovation projects later this year, including companies in gas processing, oil production, biofuels, and semiconductors.

We have very good chances to enter a number of inexpensive and promising American companies to bring them to Russia. Appraisals of companies (in innovation) have fallen by 1.5 times in recent years, including the companies in the solar power industry. I think that we will try to close five or six transactions by the end of the year and enter American innovative companies in gas processing, oil extraction technologies, biofuels and semiconductors production - RIA Novosti quotes Ahanov.

Akhanov reminded the result of RUSNANO’s activities in America: 17 innovative companies in the U.S. are willing to invest in Russia.