Tomsk region to allocate 25M RUR for innovation awards in schools

Tomsk region to allocate 25M RUR for innovation awards in schoolsA competition for money to encourage the teams of regional, state and municipal educational institutions that implement innovative educational programs was announced in Tomsk region. The regional budget allocated 25M RUR for this purpose.

As reported by the press service of Tomsk region, the results of the contest will be announced till mid-November. The competition is held in Tomsk region for the third time. 25M RUR were allocated in 2011 to promote 30 school teams. This year the money will be received by 40 regional schools.

The winners will be named in three categories this year. The feature of this year's competition is that it invites not only the winners of similar contests in previous years to participate, but also new schools.

We would like to engage all schools of the region in educational process. The cash reward is a good incentive for teams to activate the creation of new educational projects and programs, - the director of Regional center of education Nadezhda Lyzhina said.

Another objective of the competition, as reflected in one of the categories, is to encourage innovative pedagogical developments. In this case the emphasis is on advanced schools of the region, which confirmed their status by winning previous competitions.

The category for experienced participants is expected to bring not only innovative educational programs or projects, but also a whole bunch of designs that will help to implement the declared program or project most effectively. We expect to see educational products that can be transferred not only to the schools of our region, but to other regions too, - Nadezhda Lyzhina emphasized.

According to the regional center of education, the main innovation topics in school education are distance learning of students, network interaction of educational institutions, research and design in education, civic and economic education, programs focused on the socialization of students, etc.