Conductor startup receives $20M to develop its cloud SEO-platform

Conductor startup receives $20M to develop its cloud SEO-platformA group of investors led by Investor Growth Capital made the largest investment in the SEO market, investing $20M in Conductor Company which develops a cloud SEO-platform Conductor Searchlight, which allows users to conduct a comprehensive real time SEO-analysis based on large amounts of data.

Conductor was established in 2010. The technology developers promise their customers traffic growth six times as much and a manifold increase in the conversion of the natural search. The CEO of the company Seth Besmertnik says that today’s marketing directors are guided by the data that speak volumes when it comes to natural search.

The clients of Conductor are well-known companies, including more than a hundred companies of the Fortune 500, several major advertising agencies, more than a dozen major online retailers. The Conductor platform is used by FedEx, Siemens and General Electric and about 220 firms more, but, according to the Conductor, their product is necessary for more than 20K companies.

The company plans to invest the money received in the last financing round in the further development of the product and its global expansion.