Runa Capital Fund to invest $1.5 M in French mobile analytics

Runa Capital Fund to invest $1.5 M in French mobile analyticsRuna Capital Venture Fund announced $1.5 M investment in Capptain SaaS-platform, which gives new opportunities for mobile analytics and marketing. The project developer, UBIKOD startup, specializes in SaaS-platform for creators of mobile and web-based applications.

UBIKOD was founded in 2008. A key product of the company is the Capptain platform, which combines the analytical functions, real time service monitoring and effective CRM and marketing system. Capptain is a cross-platform solution (iOS, Android, Html5, Web OS, Samsung Smart TV, Blackberry / RIM and WP7) and supports various types of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, IPTV-devices). This product is meant for developers of mobile applications, mobile operators and manufacturers of mobile devices - it will allow them to understand the needs of the end user better, and then use this knowledge in marketing and strategic planning.

Capptain collects and provides all the relevant information about mobile applications using, allows you to monitor their performance and to study user’s behavior. The data obtained is analyzed in real time and used to develop a successful marketing strategy. In addition, Capptain allows users to send notifications and receive feedback, which is a great way to stay in contact with customers, conduct targeted marketing campaign and get valuable feedback.

The market of mobile applications has been an important part of the IT-world for a long time, reaching a volume of $9 B in 2011, and its annual growth was 32%. Sales of tablets and smartphones are growingas well as the number of applications developed for them, and by 2015 this market will be $38 B- the managing partner of Runa Capital Dmitry Chikhachev says - Unfortunately, the market lacks comprehensive analytical solutions now that would enable companies to build closer relationships with their customers. Offering high-quality analytics, ease of integration and flexibility, Capptain is such a solution and has significant growth potential.

Investments in Runa Capital will allow us to accelerate the growth of Capptain buyers and enter new markets in Europe, the USA and Russia - Laurent Later, UBIKOD co-founder and director says.

Mobile applications developers, mobile operators and handset manufacturers are willing to pay and has paid tens of thousands of dollars a year, and even more for such service - Drokova Mary, Runa Capital representative says.