Softline Venture Partners invests in Apps4All

Softline Venture Partners invests in Apps4AllVenture fund Softline Venture Partners invests $500K in Apps4All - a startup that develops mobile applications ecosystem. The project provides a range of services: management consulting, analytics and outsourcing, corporate PR and media advertising in mobile applications.

The company will spend the money primarily on Apps4All promotion, as well as the development and introduction of new technologies.

Apps4all became the first investment of Softline Venture Partners fund in mobile apps. The founders of the startup - Sergey Borisov, Alexander Vasilyev - assembled a strong team of professionals, organized Russia's first thematic forum for mobile applications developers, and conducted the second forum that was visited by more than 800 Russian developers, - Elena Alekseeva says, the head of Softline Venture Partners. - Apps4all, being a unique infrastructure solution, should provide a solid foundation for the development of Russian mobile applications market.

The Senior Investment Analyst of Softline Venture Partners Anton Belousov, commenting on the partnership of Softline Venture Partners and Apps4All, said that the infrastructure projects that create a platform for other projects' development, are always more difficult, risky, but infrastructure projects are promising in terms of investment in comparison to the specific application solutions: Apps4All is just that project in mobile applications which infrastructure is being actively formed. We have long worked with the project, and now believe that Apps4All can strongly grow to become an effective working instrument for a large number of mobile market participants - developers, customers and consumers.