Founder of confectionary brand “Korkunov” invested in Apps4all

Founder of confectionary brand “Korkunov” invested in Apps4allFounder of Ankorbank and of confectionary brand Andrey Korkunov invested in Apps4all $1M and received 15% of its shares. All funds will be directed to development and creation of new instruments and services for developers of mobile applications.

According to “Vedomosti”, this is the first experience of Mr.Korkunov” in Internet-projects, and businessman perceives it as an opportunity to find common ground with a bank business, which is the main for him: “I expect serious changes in bank business thanks to mobile applications use, which move a user closer to the bank”.

Apps4all is a Startup which develops ecosystem of mobile applications. The project is focused on a range of services rendering: management consulting, analytics and outsourcing, corporate PR and media advertisement in the sphere of mobile applications. Apps4all is the largest in Russia society of such kind, with half of all active developers of Russia and CIS registered in it. The company was founded in 2011, and this year it became lossless, and its profit per year shall contribute about $1M.

First hundreds of thousands of dollars the company received in autumn 2012 from Softline Venture Partners, says investment director of this Fund Elena Alekseeva. Since then company`s evaluation grew up more than 5 times, according to Mrs.Alekseeva. Mr.Korkunov, under the terms of a deal, evaluated the whole Apps4all in $7M.