Developer of protection against hacking system gets 25.6 M RUR from Skolkovo

Developer of protection against hacking system gets 25.6 M RUR from SkolkovoA Skolkovo Fund resident and a subsidiary of Russian company StarForce - Protection Technology Research received a grant of 25.6 M RUR from the IT-Cluster of the Skolkovo Fund. Grant received for the project to develop a system for protection against hacking and illegal distribution of software and content for mobile devices - smartphones and tablets, the fund reported.

The Protection Technology Research Company became a resident of Skolkovo in June, 2011. In the framework of the project the company will develop a system called StarForce Mobile.

The total annual volume of investment is 34.1 M RUR, 25 M RUR donated by the Skolkovo Foundation, 8.5 M RUR - by StarForce parent company.

The protection system for mobile devices StarForce Mobile will be a complete solution for owners of mobile content, mobile software developers, publishers and distributors - commented news Julia Titova, Director of Protection Technology Research Development. - In addition to protection of the code and content from the analysis and intrusion, the system will give owners an ability to control the spread of production and determine the policies of its license.

Turkot Alexander, IT cluster of Skolkovo executive director, expressed the opinion that such solution will be in demand: Today we are experiencing a boom in mobile devices. Sales of smart phones and tablets exceed sales of desktop computers. Due to its nature, the digital information is highly subject to uncontrolled copying and distribution without the knowledge of the holder. Therefore, reliable data protection is the key to successful development of the industry in the future.

According to J. Titova, technological developments which will form the basis of this modern solution came from the parent company StarForce which is well-known in the world market for its ultra-reliable solutions to protect software and content from tampering and illegal distribution. StarForce Mobile will initially support OS Android, then the system is planned to become cross-platform one.

We expect to attract additional investment in the project and are negotiating with the world's largest manufacturers of mobile devices - Titova added - This will allow us to start a trial operation of the system in 2013. In addition, a number of Russian and foreign companies have expressed interest in the solution and willing to participate in its testing.

At the moment, Protection Technology Research is recruiting staff for the project. According to the company, Russian sphere of high technologies will receive 33 new jobs within the next three years.