Unusual business incubator opened in Ulyanovsk

Unusual business incubator opened in UlyanovskAn unusual business incubator aimed at creativity opened in the center of Ulyanovsk. The main purpose of its work will be the support of creative entrepreneurs working in priority areas - design, fashion, architecture, Internet and digital technologies, cultural tourism, creative agencies, films, television, and so on. The project received about 5M RUR.

Creative business space Kvartal is a branch of the Ulyanovsk - the Cultural Capital Fund. There are first five residents in the new business incubator: a shop of designer gifts DePot, art gallery Simbirsk-ART, print studio 71, art studio Indigo Children and a place for free creative communication Cat’s pajamas.

The residents of Kvartal get consulting services (accounting and legal advice, assistance in starting a business and receiving grants to support small business and so on.) Creative entrepreneurs are promoted through the media and social networks.

To become a resident of the cultural incubator, you have to pass a competitive selection, which will be held at least once a quarter. The entrepreneur must have the status of a legal entity or individual entrepreneur, have a business plan, creative developments; it also needs to justify the payback period and to predict the profitability.

A creative space is also organized in Kvartal for exhibitions, workshops, all sorts of shows, discussions, lectures and more.