Ulyanovsk nanocenter to launch 96 startups over the next 10 years

Ulyanovsk nanocenter to launch 96 startups over the next 10 yearsUlyanovsk center for technology transfer is planning to launch 96 startups - new tech businesses with total revenue of about 45B RUR over the next 10 years. This was announced by the nanocenter during a visit of Governor Sergei Morozov, who audited companies that implement investment projects in regional industrial zone Zavolzh'ye during his business trip.

To date, the Board of Directors has approved 3 projects, and 7 have been approved by the Investment Committee and will be approved before the end of 2012. The specialists are actively processing about 15 projects and development activities. It is planned that 9 of them will be implemented later this year.

Ulyanovsk nanotcenter should create about 7,5K jobs with wages higher than average in the region. Tax effects of nanotechnology center activities and project companies will be 3.6B RUR, 2.1B RUR of which - for the regional budget. Total investments in Ulyanovsk nanotcenter is 1.277B RUR (including 759M RUR spent on the equipment). The main objective of the nanotechnology center is to launch and implement innovative projects, ie the creation of new businesses based on nanotechnological developments. The key specializations of the nanocenter are construction, aviation and automobile production.

The team of the nanocenter includes 17 people: specialists with experience in business, one doctor of sciences and five candidates. There will be more than 150 people in the future.