The VII Summit Russia: Youth and Entrepreneurship in Moscow

The VII Summit Russia: Youth and Entrepreneurship in MoscowNational Economic Summit Russia: Youth and Entrepreneurship took place in Moscow on the 15th and 16th of November in the building of Plekhanov REU for the seventh time. The event was organized by the Business Incubator of the University. The summit brought together young and creative entrepreneurs, large companies and banks, government agencies, business incubators, technology parks, and other public organizations, as well as business coaches.

The summit began with a plenary meeting to discuss the prospects of youth entrepreneurship development in Russia. The meeting was opened by the rector Viktor Grishin who spoke about the problem of youth entrepreneurship development and the kind of work conducted in the university in this field.

The representatives of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs and Russian Chamber of Commerce told about their programs to support youth entrepreneurship. The proposals for the development of entrepreneurship among young people were expressed by Renat Garipov, a co-founder of GreenfieldProject, Roman Terekhin, the Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the Association of Young Russian Entrepreneurs, and many other participants of the meeting.

Business is an amazing world, where you can reach dizzying heights, fabulous profits and popularity by your work, - Ruslan Mamedov, the Director of the Business Incubator of Plekhanov REU said. - Our task is to show young people what they can achieve in life.