Svyaznoy founder invests $1M in an e-democracy project

Svyaznoy founder invests $1M in an e-democracy project The president of Svyaznoy Group Maxim Nogotkov has recently presented his new non-profit project in e-democracy and civil initiatives called Yopolis. According to him, the project has already received $1M, and this amount will be five times more in the following year.

The purpose of the new project is to become a politically neutral online platform that brings together people who are indifferent to the problems of their city and country. Yopolis works in beta. The structure of the project’s page is similar to the news site. Its users will be able to find like-minded people to think about how to solve various problems. The authorities, in turn, will be able to use the project in order to make their activities more transparent and get public feedback on various projects and issues, etc.

Maxim Nogotkov also noted that the project can be used by the representatives of business to implement marketing objectives; they will be able to provide financial support to different projects.

As noted by Yopolis PR director Natalia Shulakova, the promotion of the website on the Internet, social networks, and socio-political platforms is planned for the near future. The company focuses primarily on innovators who are interested in everything new and progressive, who will be able to become opinion leaders for other citizens.