Kazan startups undergo recertification

Kazan startups undergo recertificationThe residents of Kazan IT Park’s business incubator were recertified on April 12. Experts assessed the progress made by the industrial park residents and decided on their further activities in the incubator. We should note that the re-certification has been conducted for the first time as part of a new development concept of the business incubator.

Representatives of startups informed the experts about results they achieved being in the business incubator. Certain success was achieved from the beginning, but quite often projects had to change their strategies, test the hypotheses of demand for their product and define their market segment, - the head of Kazan IT Park’s Business Incubator Yaroslav Shvetsov says. – The development of a MVP (minimal viable product) could help them with this in the shortest time. The prototype is tested on the target audience to understand its value for it, how ready they are to pay for it.

At the beginning of the residency, as well as after each re-evaluation, start-ups together with the Business Incubator team set key performance indicators to achieve within three months. In general, there is nothing wrong if the indicators are not achieved when startups dramatically changes their strategy. New indicators will show the effectiveness of its work then. - Yaroslav Shvetsov says. - All our existing projects received positive evaluation.

It is important that the experts not only assess the current state of sartups, but also share their opinion with them, give advice, and sometimes help to establish contacts with potential partners and investors. Therefore, it is not a test, but an expert session that allows projects to improve or adjust their business models.

All residents of the Business Incubator have been successfully admitted for further incubation.