First regional venture seed fund opens in Tomsk

First regional venture seed fund opens in TomskThe opening of a venture seed fund in Tomsk Region was announced on June 4 during a regular meeting of the Academic Council of TUSUR Institute for Innovation. The manager of Tomsk Venture Investment Centre Sergey Melchenko told about the structure, goals and objectives of the fund.

According to him, the organization will be an Open Investment Partnership, which is a new form of incorporation in Russia. The organization will be managed by Tomsk Venture Investment Centre, which is one of the founders and shareholders of the company. One of the basic principles of such organization, according to the head of TVIC, is the equality of all its members, including newcomers.

Tomsk Seed Venture Fund will work mainly with the regional cluster of innovative enterprises and projects created at universities by students, graduate students and young scientists.

The establishment of the venture investment fund, according to the director of the Institute for Innovation A. F. Uvarov, will be another significant step in the development of innovative infrastructure of Tomsk, TUSUR and the Institute for Innovation.