Global economy and financial markets

Global economy and financial markets The IV Russian IPO Forum organized by Cbonds-Congress and took place on June 6 in Moscow. Experts and market professionals discussed the macroeconomic situation, talked about the Russian market, strategy and tactics of raising funds during an IPO.

, as information partner of the event, publishes exclusive material of the Forum, which is a report by the Analytical Department Director of Nomos-Bank Kirill Tremasov. Kirill prepared a presentation, which includes information on public debts of European countries, business activity indexes of industrial sector in Russia and the world, forecasts for GDP of global economies, IPO/SPO market, a detailed analysis of the Russian economy in terms of inflation, banking sector, money market, interest rates, and the global stock market analytics.

These data will be interesting to not only those preparing for IPO, but also to those doing business globally and interested in the macroeconomic situation.

More details about what was discussed at the Forum will be available in the next issue of magazine.