A Financial Innovation 2012 forum will take place on March 28-29 in Moscow

A Financial Innovation 2012 forum will take place on March 28-29 in MoscowFinancial Innovation 2012 which will take place in Moscow on March 28-29, will be devotes to the investment and financial cooperation with Western countries and further Russian financial market and its professional participants integration into international economic space. The purpose of the forum is to promote the creation and development of the International Financial Centre in Moscow, as well as profitability and competitive power increasing of the Russian financial companies in the new economy.

The Forum should become an effective platform for discussion and analysis of the key global investment trends in creation of venture capital and private pension funds and their activities in Russia and abroad. Forum participants will be able to see some advanced Western and Russian experience in raising funds, and interaction with regulators and contractors. Free consultations and negotiations on a possible partnership will also take place there.

Leading Russian and foreign companies providing services in B2B sector will also be on the forum.

The forum will bring together representatives of ministries and agencies that supervise the financial industry, government and Gibraltar control, the British Embassy, banks, Family Office governors, professional investors, pension funds and other professional market participants from Russia, Britain, Germany, Switzerland, USA, Luxembourg, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

The following topics will be also discussed during the forum:

• Western funds operating in the Russian market.
• How to attract foreign investors?
• Where foreign investors invest, and why?
• The Western experience in creating financial centers.

More information about the event and the venue can be found on the official website of the Forum.