Managing partner of Projector Ventures Fund moves to Luxemburg

Managing partner of Projector Ventures Fund moves to Luxemburg Leonid Volkov, managing director of Projector Ventures Fund plans to move to Luxemburg in September for working in Venture Fund named Next Stop Ventures.
According to Leonid Volkov, he is on the staff of Next Stop Ventures since January 2013: “My duties include search of companies for investments, negotiations. The Fund is not so public yet. I will tell about this Fund when there is a reason for it. But such work is very interesting.”
Herewith Volkov is intended to withdraw from his Russian business - Projector Ventures Fund – but today he cannot say about Fund`s management changes after his removal: “It is necessary to adjust. We do not know the answers on the shore. We will produce the optimal interaction model.” Herewith, he is still an investment director of Yandex Company.
Previously Volkov has worked in Sergey Belousov`s Runa Capital Fund, but this collaboration ended in the end of 2012 (this information has not been wide spread): “I tried to take a close look at venture market work, I have cooperated much with Runa Capital as a consultant, worked more than one year – from autumn 2011 till December 2012. I received several offers, including work in Silicon Valley. I have chosen another offer. I wanted to base in Europe, not in California. But I have very pleasant associations with Runa Capital.”
One of the most remarkable events in Projector Ventures Fund life is an investment of $50K in Startup 9facts, which has been closed in May 2012; attraction of financial resources from Runa Capital in Startup; and in spring 2013 Projector Ventures invested in Startup of Finnish company Mobio Oy — Walkbase.