Chief Editor of the Forbes Kazakhstan leaves his post окидает for his Startup

The Startup offered passengers to monetize the excees place in the baggage, becoming couriers of internet stores. Founder of the Startup – Chief Editor of the Forbes Kazakhstan magazine Rashid Dusembaev announced that he leaves his post because the work under his own project requires more time.
It is noted that interested such large players as and In the near plans of the company is entering the Russian market.

Rashid Dusembaev created a service with the help of which air passengers, not having baggage, can transport packets, that is to work as a courier. For this service they are offered various bonuses. True to form, most “volunteer couriers” are citizens of USA and Europe. Herewith on 10 orders there were 70 volunteers to send it to different routes. On one hand this means that people, familiar to e-commerce, managed to use the service, and on the other hand, the project hardly experience difficulties with volunteers-couriers.

The Startup is launched in 2012 and at the stage of testing in beta-version it became popular among passengers, publishing scheme of their flight and those who would like to send their baggage on the proposed route.

There is one important thing – secure of packages. At the moment the process id settled this way: initially subscribed courier receives the package in the Internet store, makes the tour and in the place of destination he meets worker from, who receives the package.