KupiVIP started to deliver goods of other Internet-stores

KupiVIP started to deliver goods of other Internet-storesThe Holding “KupiVIP.ru has launched a new service. Now it can deliver orders to clients from other Internet-stores. The newness is focused firstly on Internet-stores, which have from 50 and more dispatches this day, and weight of one dispatch herewith does not exceed 10 kilograms.

The delivery will be executed in more than 1000 centers of population in Russia. Online stores, according to the Company’s information, can trace the order location, insure freights, and also store it free in the destination city during 14 days.

The prepayment for using a new service is not taken. The store should pay the whole payment only in case if the order will really be delivered. If a client will deny from its purchase, a store needs to pay a half of the goods delivery cost.

“It appears that we sell to Internet-stores not delivery, but help them selling their goods”, - says the Chief of the outgoing logistics of the Holding “KupiVIP.ru” Sergey Pustylnik.

The Company “KupiVIP.ru” was founded in 2008 by Oscar Hartmann. The Holding acts in the sphere of e-commerce. One of competitors of the KupiVIP.ru on Russian market is the Holding “Ozon”, subdivisions of which - “O-Courier” and “eSolutions” - also serve corporate clients.