invested $700K in its own delivery service invested $700K in its own delivery service, a factoring company between American Internet stores and Russian buyers, set up its own delivery service Dostami Express, investing $700K of its own means. According to company`s calculations, by the end of 2013 Dostami Express will deliver half of all orders.

The company aimed to create safe and fast delivery method, affordable to wide range of clients. invested $700K in creation of Dostami Express for the last 6 months – funds have been directed on technological and operational service side development, development of relations, storage area widening, equipment purchase, staff increase and training.

Nowadays order from USA to Russia are delivered for 7-10 days, herein service cost is about $20 per one parcel with a possibility of its full tracking. It is faster than Express Mail Service (EMS) and cheaper “first class dispatches” from Russian Post (airpost).

“The company will not be successful on e-commerce market if it does not afford the best in its own niche delivery opportunities. It is fair both for domestic players, such as and, and international companies, such as, - comments Chief representative in Russia and CIS countries Maksim Andryukhin. – Online store buyer renders a decision taking into consideration such parameters as “assortment”, “cost” and “delivery speed”. First two parameters a priori were competitive advantages of, and the last one could become a significant stumbling stone. Now everything has changed. Our clients, who has chosen Dostami Express, are satisfied – all of them liked fast and cheap delivery with a possibility of its full tracking”.

At present time only clients use our delivery service. Herein the company makes it possible geography widening of service use. At the moment negotiations are conducted with American online retailers concerning Dostami Express usage for its goods delivery to Russia and CIS countries.